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About ​Kitchoya


Suggestions for enjoying

Welcome to Asakusa, full of Edo atmosphere.

Most customers visit the temple and buy souvenirs before going home, but for those who are a little unsatisfied, Kitchoya's shafu (staff) is a popular spot, and it is a special little-known spot that only locals know. We will guide you through the real Asakusa by rickshaw.

study every day.

In order to become a rickshaw driver at Kitchoya, only those who have passed the graduation exam will go through a rigorous training course of about two months, learn about Asakusa, how to pull a rickshaw, and how to treat customers. I'm here.

Enjoy our up-to-date guides.


spirit of service

Take a commemorative photo of yourself on the rickshaw with your mobile phone or camera as a wonderful memory of your trip. At Kitchoya, we are particular about each photo, and we calculate the weather, the position of the sun, and the shooting angle before taking the photo. We will shoot against the background of various places, such as Asakusa-like Showa downtown, downtown with Edo atmosphere, and scenic spots of Sky Tree, and leave the customer's best smile as both a memory and a record.

Nagasaki rickshaw

Kitchoya's rickshaws are manufactured by Mr. Toshiharu Okada, a rickshaw craftsman in Nagasaki prefecture.
Each part is hand-made by craftsmen, so customers can feel the warmth and tradition of hand-made, and enjoy sightseeing in Asakusa to the fullest with the finest rickshaw with little shaking.
Every day, we polish our rickshaws to a shine and wait for our customers.

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