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Course fee

​ *We can arrange the time and course content.


20 minutes course(Shitamachi, Sky Tree, etc.)

We will guide you to the points that are unique to Asakusa.
It is a course where you can experience a rickshaw with the best of the best.

40 minute course(History of Asakusa, etc.)

We will guide you through the downtown area full of Edo atmosphere, the Showa retro downtown area such as Asakusa Rokku, the birthplace of popular entertainment, and the geisha district.
This is a popular course that goes around Sensoji Temple.

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60 minutes course(Around Asakusa, power spots, etc.)

We will visit the downtown area, the geisha district, and Matsuchiyama Shoten, a power spot in Asakusa that prays for good health and fulfillment of wishes, and we will guide you to the scenic points of the Sky Tree.
This is a recommended course that allows you to go around Asakusa once.
In addition, there is also a course to visit Imado Shrine, which is famous for being one of the best matchmaking in the Kanto region, which is popular with women.

90 minutes course(Machichiyama Shoten & Imado Shrine, etc.)

In addition to the 60-minute course, we will also guide you to recommended hidden sights.
This course is also recommended for celebrations.

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180 minutes course(Shichifukujin turning)

In Asakusa, you can visit the Asakusa Seven Lucky Gods all year round. While sightseeing in Asakusa, let's take advantage of the seven blessings.
You can also receive (purchase) colored paper, goshuin, lucky bamboo, and lucky pictures.
*Sumida River Shichifukujin Meguri runs from January 1st to January 7th.

ーHow to useー

[Reservation method]

Please make a reservation from the 24-hour reservation reception form.

We will send you a confirmation email of your reservation.


【The meeting place】

Please come to Kaminarimon in Asakusa on the day.

The shafu in charge will confirm the course and fee.

Board the train near Kaminarimon and depart.



Enjoy your rickshaw and pay when you arrive at your destination.



*Please make a reservation by the day before.

*Price includes tax for 1 rickshaw (for 2 people).

*Reservations may be difficult during busy periods.

*If you will be using 4 or more rickshaws, please contact us using the online inquiry form.

*Departure and arrival times may be delayed depending on traffic conditions.

Please make a reservation with plenty of time.

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